3 Gallon Yield Pot

What are Yield Pots?

Yield Pots are the newest technology in the indoor / outdoor gardening industry and have surpassed all competitors. The fabric PET material allows for more air flow to the root system and is designed to drain slower than other pots. With slower drainage you can maximize nutrient intake and grow larger plants. The pots are double stitched and are easily cleaned to reuse in multiple growing cycles. If you’re looking for a better alternative to Geopots and Smart Pots, Yield Pots are the answer. Only use for top feeding & soil systems.

What Advantages Do Yield Pots Give You Over Traditional Pots?

Yield Pots allow more air to flow to your root system, this promotes healthier root growth and your plants will definitely benefit from it. Yield Pots also drain slower which gives your plants the opportunity to get a higher nutrient intake, and grow bigger.  

Fabric Pot vs Plastic Pot Comparison